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Application Template

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Tue May 04, 2010 2:03 am

Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Desired Faction: (Kinda like they're profession, or what group they are in!)
Character Description: (Describe him/her, and provide with a picture~ show us your sexy self~)
Outfit/Weapons: (they most likely aren't wearing what they usually are, they can be however! And they need something to protect themselves! They can only have one weapon at the start of this rp. Later on however they can gather more things.)
Personality: (Tell us how they are~)
Strengths: (Something that can help them survive out there!)
Weaknesses: (They have to have a weak point!)
History: ( This is the history for the period from 2030 to 4034. please tell us what your country was doing at the time. Was he/she in a fallout shelter? was he/she in a cave? was he/she scouring the wastes for people and food/water? Please tell us what they were doing before the beginning of this rp. )
Additional Information: (Just useful little tidbits of things about your character, ie. "Since Alfred cannot eat hamburgers anymore, he likes to eat ____ instead")
RP Sample: (show us what you can do!)


[b]Character's Name:[/b]
[b]Character's Age:[/b] 
[b]Desired Faction:[/b]
[b]Character Description:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b]
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