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Character's Name: Israel/ישראל (Israel Bat Sumer) Her first name means ‘the one who has struggled with God’, and that’s what she was called before the splitting of Israel and Judah. Yes, she is one of the ancient characters like Germania and Ancient Rome. And she has no other name.

Character's Age: Looks like she is in her late twenties, really almost 6500 years old

Gender: Female

Desired Faction: Wastelander

Character Description: Israel has the appearance of tan, tall woman.. She is brown-haired but her eyes are the color of green bottle glass. Her hair is long and curly/wavy. She lets it down most of the time. She has many scars and burns through her body and 1 tattoo on her right wrist. However, there is a burn on this tattoo so she can’t read it.

Outfit/Weapons: She wears an outfit similar to Germany, her shirt is a olive green blouse with shoulder pads and tags on it. She wears a gold Star of David necklace. Underneath is a black tank top that reaches her midriff. She wears olive green pants and black boots. Around her waist is a blue and white tzitit (prayer shawl). She carries an IMI Tavor TAR-21 gun. Strapped to her back are ammo and a book. Sometimes it is a large scroll that looks extremely old, but as it is Israel’s favorite possession she hates ruining it. Usually she replaces it with a modern version of the Old Testament, the Torah.

Personality: Israel is neurotic, paranoid, and completely vengeful. She remembers everything. Every single injustice. She likes to be taken seriously when making threats. And she complains. A lot. This is called Kvetching. When she kvetches it is best to ignore her. Nevertheless, she is intelligent and cultured, and as a result of being kicked from one house to another, knows many languages and tries to not offend other cultures while maintaining hers. She does have a huge humor, which make her paranoia and guilt-tripping bearable. Using mainly Jewish humor, which usually making fun of her own faults and making fun of her kvetching. Her humor can be also quite morbid, considering she tries to make light of a bad situation. Israel is fiercely loyal to her people, having endured with them for thousands of years.

Strengths: Israel was originally known for her way of holding true to her beliefs and for her scholarly ideas. After WWII, she began extremely militaristic, even forsaking her scholarly bookish ways. Her strengths are military technology and discipline and information gathering. Most of her citizens are military trained, even old women, as the custom in her country. Also useful is her experience as a merchant, having been only permitted to do such things 3000 years ago.

Weaknesses: Israel may be able to bargain, but stop her country men from defending themselves and you might as well talk to the Crying Wall. She is distrusting to the point of paranoia, and only her former allies might be welcomed by her. Israel spends most of her time keeping what’s left of the Jews safe and so is very busy. She is rash when it comes to defense of her people and her vengeful and mistrusting ways get in the way of cooperating with other countries.

History: Israel had her fair share of sending nukes to countries. Fortunately Israel was devoid of any major counter attacks since the Israelis had been prepared. It was the earthquakes that hurt her people. Israel is between two fault lines and experienced major devastation followed by a drought. Her people are currently spread apart in Israel and stretches of desert separate them. They number less than 120. They have little food and water. While the mutants aren’t that nearby, Israel is on the defensive. The largest concentration of her people is in Jerusalem. The others live in the ruins of Tel Aviv. Because of the earthquakes, Tel Aviv’s residents experience flood frequently, while Jerusalem usually just shakes.

Additional Information: Israel may have played a pivotal part in the war. Maybe even starting it. She is calmer than she was back then, still hurting from years of abuse. The Israelis are still Jews and they are managing to survive off limited resources. Unfortunately, There is a famine and a drought that comes and goes. This is hurting Israel. She misses her close allies, America, Canada, Italy (who invited her to join the EU!), Germany (she used to delight in said guilt-tripping… it probably works), and India.
RP Sample:

Israel hates the long walk from Yerusalem to Tel-Aviv. She hated back then when her boss was Saul, hated when David and Solomon ruled, and despised it when the country split into two factions. It was easier after the fifties when the English left, but there have been no cars or trains in her country for a long time. Israel looks up to see the old women driving her caravan while Israel guards. Her people know who she is, and they expect to guard. Israel smiles at the thought of Tel-Aviv and the Mediterranean. She can smell fragrant mint and orange trees already.

She looks at her cargo, wondering how long her people will be able to do this. Only a hundred and eighteen of her people remain in this country. And yet she feels better then she felt after the holocaust. Perhaps because this time the deaths happened gradually, not quickly like in the ovens. Suddenly, the brunette stops and crouches down to look at some tracks. Her eyes follow the tracks’ path and she stands and grins. She sniffs the air before talking to the women. “כבשה”

Israel smiles at the sight of sheep before her. Mutton, wool, and cheese or food, clothes, and resources. And the lord brungeth his sheep to the land of milk and honey. She ties the sheep with rope to the back of the caravan. Sheep are good news for her people. Israel was tired of ferrying goods back and forth but the people remained divided. Under no circumstances was the holy city to be left in ruins and alone. But despite the flooding, Tel-Aviv is fertile. Her citizens split once more and began rebuilding their cities. But with no food and no outside communication, the Israelis are sheep in the dark.

‘But,’ Israel smiles as she sees the wine-dark sea, ‘sheep are good news. Maybe now we’ll have some more babies.’

Random stuff: Back then, they didn’t have last/family names. The Romans did, but the Jews just said Oh, you’re Yoshua, son of Yosef, from Galilee, (that’s mouthful in Hebrew by the way. No wonder they just said ‘The Anointed One’) And Semites came from the city Ur so I’m saying she’s the daughter of Sumer. And yes there are people, even girls, with the name Israel. Sorry for making her a girl, but this is my logic:
Girls are sort of easier to, umm, rape, pillage, abuse. I mean I don’t think people would take Israel seriously if he was a man who spent the last few years being beaten by everyone and Russia’s pipe. Being a girl would be a pity point for her.

Thanks for reading my fail application! Sorry about her gender!


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Re: Application

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:36 pm

very nice!!

But since this forum is pretty dead, i think norge will make a new forum and you can apply there... so right now Im not going to accept thisuntill I hear back from him

so sorry ;A; *sobs*
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Re: Application

Post  Israel Bat Sumer on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:35 pm

Sad. But I hope this forum experiences some CPR. cheers I love apcolyptic RP's! Very Happy My last one was a DeathNote 28 days one, so I'm pretty happy with the idea.
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Re: Application

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