Types of mutants

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Types of mutants

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Wed May 05, 2010 12:48 am

☣ Mutants! ☣

Yes you heard right, Mutants litter the world now. Whether they be radioactively deformed humans or monsters made of many things formed wherever they may please. Everyone should watch out for them, as they pose a threat to your very existence. [ Ahaha well, they wont kill you, you will kill them! ] They can also be used for meat! however you can get radiation from them...

The types of mutants are as follows::

Humanoid Mutant: A mutant that has the looks of a human but are bigger and more powerful. They were created as a result from a mad Russian scientist, and evolved and spawned, spreading across the globe. The looks between them vary. They are usually taller than humans with more muscles, and a variety of skin tones, they dont have much of a brain, and that results in them attacking everything and getting into reckless situations. They are the most common non human enemy in the wastes.

Rabid Dogs: They are Basically just overly strong dogs, who happen to survive the war. They are simple to kill, yet they are pretty tough.

Mutated Cats: Bigger than regular cats, they dont pose much of a threat, but will attack if you wander into the territory or are attacked.

Mutated birds: Bigger than normal birds, but not stronger. They are light and easy to kill.

Mutated Rats: They are as big as a Mutated cat, and obviously more powerful. They live in the sewers and train stations.
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