Feliciano Vargas - Neu Italy

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Feliciano Vargas - Neu Italy

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Tue May 04, 2010 3:19 pm

Character's Name: Feliciano Vargas

Character's Age: Looks 23

Gender: Male

Desired Faction: Sheltered Fallout Dweller

Character Description:

He stands at at 5'7 in height and weighs just under what someone should weigh. He has a runaway curl at the side of his head, that when stroked makes for an arousal. But no one knows that but his brother. And maybe Germany. His face is usually smiling, and his eyes are a nice hazel, matching his hair, which is short, just down bast his ears.

Outfit/Weapons: Feliciano wears a simple blue uniform with the Italian neu logo on the back. Basically it looks like the Italian flag, with a small insignia. He had a belt with this uniform which carries some workman supplies and some old bandages. He usually wears regular tennis shoes, but in the time he is sent out to the wastes he wears black boots instead. He carries a normal pistol with only some bullets to protect himself from monsters. He thinks he can rely on his white flag instead. He was given a hat to wear as well, a red one, with the Italian flag on it. He treasures that hat as his only kept possession. He also wears a pair of goggles on his head over his hat, to protect from the glare of the sun. He also carries a backpack, with a blanket and some other survival necessities.

Personality: Feliciano is a bubbly Italian man, who was unfortunate enough to be sent out into the wastes in search of help from other neu country's, in order to help his people survive. He loves to eat and sing songs. He is also pretty much a coward towards anything remotely scary, and will try to save himself with a white flag of surrender.
He is usually always seen smiling, if not in the face of danger. He likes to tries to make people smile and cheer them up in depression. He can be heard uttering the verbal tic, ve, and go on short rambles with almost no point to them. It seems as though he has HDHD, in were he does not pay attention to one topic for a long time, unless in danger. Hes almost a total airhead and isn't the smartest person on the planet. Please be patient with him when he takes a while to think of something.

Strengths: He cam run pretty face if need be, doesn't mean he can outrun everything.

Weaknesses: Hes a coward, and pretty much, all around, weak.

History: In the hundred years since the war, the Italians had lived in crummy fallout shelter, thanks to Spain, who got it from America. But it was weak, and decaying itself like the outside world. The small amount of Italian people inside had to ban together in order to make the place livable after the war. Feliciano was one of them, having to fix pipes, even if he was too lazy or didn't do a good job, and clean everything, aka the janitor.
Time had passed and the few that were there, came to know that Feliciano was a country, or almost used to be. And giving him higher respect than most people, and being the one to wander out into the wastes to find more like him, for help. The Fallout that they were in was in horrible shape at the end of the one hundred year gap. It had fallen into dismay, even though the people in it, tried they're best to keep it in orderly condition, and repair. They had almost given up on survival inside the fallout, when the water supply was running short, and the food was as well, until they got word of more survivors and more countries were looking to ban together in times like these. They thought since they were falling apart, that sending they're country out into the world to find them was the best thing to do for the rest. And even though Feliciano didn't quite know what was going on, he agreed to it. He was determined to help his people, even if he wasn't the best person for the job. At all.

Additional Information: He tends to get dizzy in the outside and tends to lean on the closest thing next to him, if available.
He does try to make friends with anyone, or surrender. If you are with him around raiders/slavers, please stop him.

RP Sample:

Feliciano spotted something in the distance. It looked as if it was moving closer and closer, and it made the cowardly nation stop dead in his tracks. "Ve, w-what could it be?" His head swiveled as he looked around for someone to come and ambush him. He swallowed hard and started to walk further, even taking zigzags to fool the enemy. Each step made a sound, even if it was small crunch of dirt, or a thunk against pavement or rock. He shook, almost, and tried to get closer. He had to face his fears of the unknown to save his people. As he got closer he blinked under his goggles. It wasn't an enemy or anything bad, it was a small town.
"ve! shade and most likely water!" Feliciano chirped as he made his way towards the small town of Rickert. He was tired of travelling for so long, and was hoping he could spend a night on a bed instead of rock. "c-ciao!" he said to the person standing guard. "I am with Nue Italy, may I come and rest here?" He asked cautiously, ready to take out his white flag and wave around just in case. The other man nodded and waved him in. Feliciano wandered around and smiled at everyone. The town was small and had a small hotel, store, and some refugees. He was happy to be able to sleep in a bed tonight.[justify]
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