The Rules!

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The Rules!

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Tue May 04, 2010 4:29 am

General Board Rules

- Follow the general boards ToS. We doubt all of you have read them, but use common sense. You know what's appropriate and what isn't. If you really have to question it, ask an admin or don't do it.
- Don't go overboard with your language. People like Prussia and Romano have foul mouths, and that's fine... as long as you're staying in-character. Try not to swear too much yourself,
- Don't flame each other, really. We're all here to have fun. Let's act like it.
- If you are confused at all with the templates, don't hesitate to ask one of the admins for help. There are some amazing applications in the acceptance board, so be sure to glance at those, first.
- There will be Activity Checks! You should all know what those are~

Character Sign Up

- When signing up for a character, make sure they are not taken yet before signing up.
- If you just joined and don't have time to do an application, you can reserve characters.
- CANON characters [you know, the ones who have actually made an appearance in Hetalia] are limited to 1 per-person. This is to make it fair to other members.
- Try your best! make sure there are at least 2 paragraphs for each main part~


- Keep it IN CHARACTER, people. OOC notes are fine in posts, but if you're going to talk, take it to the cool msn group chat i will get for us~
- NO GOD-MODDING! If you are a character, then just play your character. NPC's are the ONLY exeption, but you CANNOT control someone else's character.
- You CANNOT kill a character that is not yours, unless you have the permission of the person whom is using them and an admin must be notified before it happens VIA PM.
- Please try to post at least once a week. If i dont hear from you for more than 2 weeks i might just give up your character!
- I am a very lax admin, so i will try to contact you if your gone for more than 2 weeks and you have not posted a hiatus thread. after no reply I will put your character up for grabs!
- When posting, please write at least two paragraphs per-post. They don't have to be novels or super elaborate, but at least three sentences each. We all know it's frustrating when we work hard on a post only to get a single line in reply. Be creative, people!
- Anyone can join~ have fun~
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