Ivan Braginsky / Russia - [ D O N E ]

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Ivan Braginsky / Russia - [ D O N E ]

Post  Ivan Braginsky on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:45 pm

Character's Name: Ivan Braginsky
Character's Age: 25 if you're judging by appearances
Gender: Male
Desired Faction: European Protector. Though it seems as if his intentions of protecting others are more for his sake than theirs.

Character Description:

Ivan is a tall, tall man towering at six feet in height with his piercing violet eyes and pale, snow-like skin. His hair, a rather pale beige-blond is kept short and simple to avoid having his eyes obscured. The rest of him is quite indescribable with his intimidating stature and an almost cold, untouchable appearance. Slightly muscular in build, it's obvious that his strength is something to take lightly and that he takes time to exercise when he can. Though still a little sickly and haggard looking at times, it's safe to say that Ivan's still considered to be healthy than the norm.

Outfit/Weapons: He often sports a black double-breasted coat worn on top of his usual uniform that consists of a white collared, long-sleeve shirt and a black tie underneath a blood red vest His pants are a dark forest-green color tucked into knee-high black platform boots. Sometimes he'll wear a customized ushanka ( Russian fur cap ) when the weather takes a turn for the worse. And of course, one must never forget his scarf. Though often times he will still wear the scarf Katyusha gave him, he sports several scarves now. Ranging from the colors beige, black suede, snow white, pale pink and a sickly yellow. The yellow is what he often has on if he's wearing his coat. Oh and don't forget his gloves. It's almost as rare as seeing him scarf-less without them.

As for his weapons, Ivan has numerous hidden switchblades he keeps inside his coat in an emergency. As for his primary weapon, he uses pistols here and there quite possibly even a sub-automatic machine gun but his most favorite has to be his Hunting Rifle that he slings around his back and over his shoulder during patrols. His secondary weapon, an obvious replacement of the baton ( which he finds rather distasteful at times ) and his old one is a metal pipe complete with the faucet head and sleek steel body. It finishes the job rather quickly when it comes to hurting others and is perfect for self-defense. Ivan also carries around a tool kit, some bandages, the other necessary stuff like water, food, etc. in case of emergencies.

Personality: Before the fallout, Ivan slowly recuperated from being the Soviet Union and back to being the Russian Federation in a matter of years. It took him a while to adjust into a non-superpower nation but he managed to do it. Of course the strain of wars, murders, tragedies, etc. over the years took its heavy toll on him, he retained a somewhat sane personality tainted only by the sudden memories of his past. However as the fallout took place, Ivan's mind slowly crumbled under the pressure. Yes he still retains his ever-so calm and human personality but most of it has been washed away by the darker side of him resurfacing once more. It was like the Soviet Union all over again as Ivan returned to build the world back to its original splendor with the others. His smile once sincere and happy became a perfect mask of terror. Those that dare to stare straight into those dark, piercing eyes of his will often find madness gnawing at him from the inside out. Of course he won't always be the Ivan that reigns in terror and suffering, there are times where his more innocent personality takes control when things are the way they should be. This short reprieve is often the calm before the storm like most cases.

Ivan is still perfectly capable of love however as he still feels attachment towards those that he was close to. His family are at the top of this list and they are the few that Ivan would never ever dream of hurting. In fact if it would save them pain and suffering, he would gladly volunteer to be the one harmed instead of them. Perhaps this is a show of senseless loyalty or maybe it's just the intense love for them that he fees. Whatever it is, it's a little unnerving for strangers and his family. Considering now his outward personality towards strangers, the Russian is weary and tired and rather mistrusting. He will personally say it up to those strangers however that 'no, I don't trust you but yes you can gain it but that will have to be up to you'. This action is considered blunt but in fact Ivan is a secretive person. No one in the entire world knows all of his secrets, not even those that are close to him. He has a somewhat sardonic and negative outlook in things but this is masked by his lies of reassurance and hope.

Ivan is the human side of him one while the New Soviet Republic is the cold-hearted tyrant.

Strengths: Physically strong, intimidation can probably get him anything, loyal, extremely good at hand-to-hand combat, has brains and brawn at the same time, a born tactician and strategist, decisive
Weaknesses: Terrible at using snipers, a little too paranoid that he questions even himself, doesn't like getting help ( he considers it charity and charity is something he can't accept ), somewhat losing his grip on sanity, extremely hard-headed, prone to crumbling down whenever he gets betrayed

History: From the very beginning, Ivan was already getting the sharp end of the stick and no matter what he did, more and more suffering blossomed from his efforts. Until the Soviet Union was formed. He was happy with his family and 'close friends' ( aka the Baltic States ) but his people were suffering while he stood in a house filled with all the people he could ever love. This drove him to madness in the end, hearing their cries and pleas for help. 'Think of the children' wouldn't have been a humorous thing to say during that period of depression and sadness. One by one his loved ones left him all alone in that enormous house of his and once more he could feel insanity gnawing at him and taking him into its frozen arms. It didn't help that the winters seemed to become worse every year until finally he broke down. 1991. It was horrible, feeling himself dissolve, being torn apart in agony. It felt like hundreds and hundreds of hands were stabbing at him, clawing at his flesh. He felt himself breaking and being forcefully torn apart. This went on for awhile until he felt a part of him break.

Enter, the Russian Federation. A glorious moment indeed? Or maybe it was overshadowed by the fact that Ivan would have loved to pretend that he lost his memories to wash away the grief. Yes, even as a new country, independent from all the others, he could still imagine the pain. Until slowly, ever-so slowly he began to be himself once more. His sisters would talk to him again, the others weren't as anxious and on the edges of their seat as they previously were. This gladdened him and invoked something in him to try and improve it some more. It worked for a few years as he worked with foreign relations. Alfred and he were starting to repair the bond they broke, he became more involved in meetings and actually had things to contribute. It was heaven for a while there and he almost believed that it would last forever. What a joke.

When the fallout began and the bomb threats became worse, the dream he thought would last forever turned sour. The Kremlin, the very fortress that he was so proud of crumbled into dust, his president, his people, they were all scared. Terrified. He could feel their desperation emanating from their words and actions but he couldn't do a thing. Ivan wanted to help them, to tell them that everything was fine, things will be back to normal in a few years or so and they could all forget about the damage done to their country. Of course he didn't escape unscathed either. In fact it had felt as if he was dissolving once more but he pulled through. His mentality though didn't survive as much as he physically did. Though Ivan still exists as a nation and as a human, his nation side, the New Soviet Republic has taken control of things for the time being.

The New Soviet Republic would set a standard for everyone else and soon, people would be bowing down to him for saving them. Just the very thought of once again ascending on his throne, red with blood and suffering gave him the determination and motivation to set things right.

Additional Information: Actually, I have an idea for this. But I'm not sure if it's allowed so I'll wait till I get accepted to ask.

RP Sample: ( I got lazy and just took one from a Steampunk AU I joined as Captain Russia of the IHA Raskolnikov. If this isn't okay just tell me and I'll easily make a new post up. )

Ah, what a precious luxury it was to finally relax and enjoy the mornings the way he wanted to without the hassle of missions and his superiors breathing down his back about enemy intel. Truly being part of the military was a very daunting task that he was proud to hold. As dramatic as it sounds, Ivan barely had time to slow down during the day and was often flooded with recons and those never-ending search and destroy missions. Not that he ever complained. A good soldier would never complain about such trivial things and Ivan prided himself as a good soldier. One of the best if he could say so himself. But pride was something he would need to dampen a little when working in such a job.

He could breathe easy now that he sat on a stool, a half-empty glass of vodka in hand while his eyes lazily scanned the surrounding area around him. Because he had arrived early in the morning after a rare good night's sleep, the bar was still quite empty. But that was the way he liked it. Not a drunken soul in sight that looked as if they wanted to bother his sweet tranquility. Not yet at least.

And so he drank to his heart's content, the vodka still not managing to make him drunk as a pirate or so the others would say. This frighteningly high alcohol tolerance made Ivan a good opponent in drinking games. Not that he would participate in such a meager game. Someone like him would never stoop that low. Unless of course it was an honest game between captains and officers such as he. A barely audible noise escaped his lips, something that sounded like a terribly sardonic sigh. Just by sitting down on his somber little stool, Ivan could imagine the adrenaline coursing through his veins, the excitement practically rolling off of his skin as he found his place within an epic fight between him and those damned pirates.

But he wouldn't spoil his mornings with thoughts like those. For now all he could was relax and hope his superior officers wouldn't suddenly snap him out of his longed-for stupor.

Ivan signaled the barkeeper for another glass of vodka, brushing off the petulant stare he was receiving. What would a mere barkeeper like him care about what he did with his life? A mocking smile tugged at the corner of his lips, ever-so slightly becoming visible as he looked up and murmured his appreciation.

"Thank you."

Then it was back to mulling over the days he spent searching and destroying crews and crews of pirates. Some of them had been unsuccessful but he would remedy that as soon as he could.

That is, until a man uttered a small and simple good morning meant for the barkeeper. Ivan's violet eyes followed him, observing silently with a judging stare but he kept quiet. Soon music filled the somber mood of the bar, echoing against the walls and surprising Ivan with its melodic tune. The music was enthralling him, eyes darting from the curious man's face to his fingers moving across the keys elegantly. He waited until the song stopped to voice out his opinion.

"That was quite a performance," he purred, accent as thick as ever. "Wonderfully executed, I must say. Might I ask what it was called?"

Oh yes, the first conversation of the day. Hopefully it wouldn't turn into a heated argument like all the others had. But Ivan waited for an answer, his smile widening as the seconds ticked by.

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Re: Ivan Braginsky / Russia - [ D O N E ]

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