Who are you in the wastes?

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Who are you in the wastes?

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Tue May 04, 2010 4:17 am

☣ Factions ☣

European Protectors:
Call them the police of most of Europe. Though you dont have to listen to them, they will fight to help make peace, and help people in need. They are equipped with typical police uniforms, slightly altered for radiation and the heat. They usually carry handguns and a police baton. They can have higher tech equipment than most people out in the wastes.
Sheltered Vault Dwellers:
These people come from the Fallout shelters from the war. They dress in simple uniforms not meant for the outside world, and usually carry no weapons. They dont know much about the outside and are almost friendly to all. They are usually caught as slaves.
Protector Outcasts:
The ones who defied the laws of the Protectors, and weren't as nice as they usually are supposed to be.
People who steal, kill and wander around the wastes for the chance to eat and become more powerful.
People who never had the nice shelter of the fallouts, and grew up in the cities/towns. They are usually seen in cities/towns or wandering about the wastes, trying to find something they call home.
They are almost like Raiders, in a sense that they arent friendly to anyone but another slaver. They capture innocent people and turn them into slaves.

Since there are so many people and so little countries, Random CPU's are most defiantly allowed! Pretend you got caught by a police and have them do as you see fit with them (:

☣ Karma ☣

To put it simply, karma is something you will gain or loose in this world. You can make your character be as evil as Russia, or as kinda as Canada. However! Please remember to stay IN CHARACTER, with this karma. It is OK for a nicer character to have his reasons for loosing karma in this world, but do not go over board please.

More will come as we have new players and new places~
ANYONE CAN BE ANYTHING THEY WANT HERE. If you have a suggestion for another one, please contact me.
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