Katyusha Braginski ~ Ukraine [App] Done.

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Katyusha Braginski ~ Ukraine [App] Done.

Post  Katyusha Braginski on Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:15 pm

Character's Name:

Katyusha Braginski

Character's Age:

28 (Appearance)



Desired Faction:

Sheltered Vault Dweller, she only wears her uniform on most occasions, tending to try and get away with wearing casual ones at times.

Character Description:

Katyusha's hair, blonde in colour, barely even touches her shoulders; she holds it back off of her face with a headband at all times. She sports lovely blue eyes, with a warm and gentle smile, making her appear nothing near intimidating. Even before this however, the first thing a person might notice about this girl is her breast size, way bigger than most girls, even enough to make them jealous. She doesn't like to talk about them though, as they come at great discomfort and her uniform will not fit her properly.


Her official uniform consists of a long brown coat, along with pure white gloves. Her shirt underneath the coat also being white, with the addition of a black coloured cap with a special logo. Kat used to have a scarf which she kept with her, but decided to give it away to a special someone, and thus she never replaced it with a new scarf. She, as usual, has a headband on under her cap, and ties back her hair with four black clips, making sure that it doesn't get in her way whenever she's in trouble.

She bears a sword at her waist, but barely uses it, or even knows how to use it, instead her weapon of choice is a small hand gun she keeps with her at all times, vowing to only use it in emergency situations. Her old weapon used to be a pitchfork, but she dropped it in favour of the sword, claiming it was both lighter and more "scary" looking.

A kind soul, finding herself doing things for people who don't like her a lot and still not managing to have that many friends. Despite this, she keeps a level head and strives for a better way of life. If she sees someone in need, it's in her kind nature to tend to them, even if she is suspicious of them, with the idea that good karma will come at the end of it. Katyusha tends to cry a lot, sometimes over matters she can't explain, usually making those around her laugh, she cannot control her emotions; however, she'll always feel better after she has cried.

She tends to look up to the people the most, seemingly not bothered by the "scariness" of them, but she usually finds herself secretly envying them for living in a better place than herself. One of her bad habits is biting her nails when she's stressed, to tackle this, Kat usually wears her white gloves at all times.


Katyusha has a kind heart, she'll never hesitate to help people in need, even if most of the time they do not seem to be thankful for that help. She's also pretty smart, underneath all that worrying she seems to do, she can actually put her brain to good use.


She tends to cry a lot, even if it's over something little. If she has to kill something, even something that is attacking her, she'll always feel bad. She also doesn't have many friends, so she can't rely on them in time of need, having to do things by herself, things that sometimes Kat cannot do all by herself.


After being seperated from her siblings, life had been hard on Katyusha from the very beginning. She had no one to turn to, no one to believe in, no one to believe in herself. After learning of the bombs and disasters in the world, she decided to hide away and lie to herself; over and over she'd believe that everything was going to be okay. Locked away with no contact with the outside world, the pressure built up inside her until she couldn't handle such a force any more. Beginning to talk to herself, getting no sleep for endless nights and mimicking the sound of the falling bombs, she was on the brink of going mad. People tried to help, but she wouldn't accept it, Katyusha didn't think she could be the same loving sister she had once been ever again.

But through all that, when the day finally arrived, she finally managed to awake from her long awaited slumber, the light on her face as fresh as she felt, this was the chance to start all over again. The second the true light crept onto her face, she smiled. She'd began to forget what the outside world had looked like, it seemed like a dream come true. She didn't know about any of the aftermath or the damage outside, but she knew that this time she could make a difference, her goal was to forget about herself and go help those that needed help much more that she did. And this is what has kept her going for such a long time.

That final sprint towards the light had left her breathless. People stood in horror looking for something, some hope. But there was nothing, not even the ghost town of Prypiat was left standing, left totally devastated it it's unfavourable conditions. As the others cried, not one tear had fallen on that young girls face, even her crybaby trait was hidden in the depths of her determination. They would start over again, there was no point in crying, that wasn't going to bring things back! It wouldn't bring her siblings back to her, it would never be like it was back then. Others hadn't even left the Vault, too scared that they could see something that would be burnt into their minds, something that'd make them lose their minds.

As she looked up to the sky, she thought of all the people in the world in a position such as herself, sparing a thought also for those worse off. She wasn't sure if it was possible at all, but Katyusha dreamt of an adventure that would bring her face to face with such people. Protecting her own people was also high in regard, but she knew she and the few people left could not do that alone; she would have to be brave, Kat's only hope of making her people safe and herself, was to find some aid from other places, even if she would lend a hand to help them out herself, she wasn't going to let this disaster defeat her, or her love for her home.

Katyusha believed Neu Ukraine would be as strong as before...once she had gained the faith of her followers.

Additional Information: I haven't anything to add yet.

RP Sample:

The birds were chirping, high up in the tree. The tree that was dead and a very odd looking colour at that. Stepping through the little plot of land surrounded by rusting iron fences, Katyusha finally decided that she was lost. Using her hand to block out the sun, she looked around, searching for any familiar looking landmarks or anything that looked like she'd seen it before; sighing, she sat on the ground, decided that this time she was defiantly lost.

"Ahh. I'm lost before I even begin, Neu Ukraine isn't going to fix itself while I'm stuck here in this place with no friends to help me." Scratching her head, she looked ahead, desperate to spot something, her eyes flicking from hill to hill on the horizon, but nothing seemed to show evidence of nearby habitation. Foolishly, she hadn't even brought a map with her, all she had was her trusted gun, her sword, and a pouch of food and water, enough to a few days at best. She hadn't come up against anything strange yet, however.

After clambering to her feet and dusting the dirt off of her coat, she twisted to see a young man rushing towards her, waving something thin in the air, like a piece of paper. She hadn't seen this man before, but the friendly, wide grin on his face told her that he was not to be feared.

"Miss Braginski, w-wait up. I have something that belongs to you, it's very importa-" the man tripped on the root of the dead tree, looking up with a silly grin on his face. He seemed to not be moving though, still waving the paper in the air for Kat to take from him. As she did so, the man sighed, he looked slightly comfortable on the ground, watching as her eyes moved along the page, discovering the map she had just received. She at once spotted where Ukraine once was and pointed to it. Her smile turned to a frown for a while, until she took out a pen from her pocket and adjusted the title of her country with the prefix, "Neu". Before she could thank him, he seemed to have something more to say.

"The birds here are nice, right? Don't let them fool you, though. They're not what you think." He smirked. Glancing up at the big tree, Katyusha had almost forgotten the existence of the birds. Looking back down to see what the bizarre man was she was in for a surprise. She scanned the horizon quickly once more, but the man that had passed the gift onto her had gone. Not even his footsteps had she heard before he had taken off.

"Not...what I think? What ever could he have...Oh!" After whispering her thoughts aloud, she glanced almost instantly back to the birds. Now she knew... and they knew her intent just the same as she knew theirs. Run. That was the first thing that came to mind. She didn't want to harm them, they were just like animals and she knew she wouldn't be able to handle the guilt. The wind wasn't in her favour, dust from the ground was being dragged around by it, hitting her in the face at times and forcing her to blink. With each blink, the birds rose up and like a snapshot camera she saw images of them getting closer. Now she had no time to blink, turning to run she didn't think about anything else, all she focused on was the horizon line. It's all she could do. The mutants were close in pursuit and the un-suiting uniform she had was not the best for running in.

Breathing rapidly, Kat decided she had no choice. She didn't want it to start out like this, but her first kill would always be the worst. If they weren't going to give up the chase, then that was the only option. Stopping hard, she twisted once more and drew the gun in an instant, shaking it around like she was scared of it. She was scared of it, but it was her only lifeline. No one else could save her, it was up to her to take control. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and thought of her home, the light, her goal; almost instantly the shaking stopped. Opening her eyes once more, her finger closed down with determination, shooting towards their intended target with a sure aim, twice in succession.

The bullets appeared to her, to move in slow motion, against the wind, with all her heart she wished to be in any other situation than this. But it was real and the sound of braking bones made her lose grip of the gun as she screamed, free of danger, but now the murderer of these two abominations.

I think I'm done now. Please tell me if there's something wrong or missing. ~^^
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Re: Katyusha Braginski ~ Ukraine [App] Done.

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:54 pm

YAY privyet Ukraine!!! Welcome to the wastes traveller~ love your app~
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