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Jan - Netherlands

Post  Jan van Dijk on Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:23 pm

Character's Name: Jan van Dijk. (the Netherlands)

Character's Age:  appears to be around 23/24.

Gender: Male.

Desired Faction: European Protector, his uniform however is either covered up by his regular outfit, or not worn at all. Jan also likes to call himself a 'wasteland traveler'.

Character Description:

Jan is a giant of a man, towering high above everyone else. His broad body combined with this height displays how strong he is in a blink of a eye. His amber eyes, along with the small scar above his right eyebrow, stand out most, followed by the messy spiked light brow hair. He's usually seen with a pipe or a cigarette, they are not lighted at most times for one reason or another.

There has been at least one item on Jan that never changed; his scarf. Despite the rough years, his scarf isn't as worn down as one would assume it should be. He stuck with old trusted uniform, taking care of it the best he could. It's covered in countless of stains and filled with small gasps, most of which badly sown shut. Underneath the jacket he wears something resembling a bullet proof vest.

His weapon of choice is a basic shotgun with as back-up weapons a handgun and butterfly knife. He dislikes using anything aside from his shotgun, but some situations leave a man no choice. While being a European Protector he doesn't quit like using the police baton so it;s barely carried along.

The first impression you could get from this guy is that he's a big, stern and uncaring bully. A guy who does what he wants, when he wants to. Perhaps this impression isn't far from the truth. Jan has always tried his best to stand his ground when needed. He's appears to be constantly annoyed, but he does have a big heart. He works hard and keeps a eye out for whoever needs and deserves the help, providing this in his own way. He masks most of his feelings with a indifferent or annoyed attitude.

Socializing was never one of his strong points, and it still isn't. His methods can be harsh or demanding, especially when other's are being stubborn. The Dutchman has a bad temper yet somehow manages to keep this under control enough to keep himself from needlessly harming anyone.

Despite his generally rough exterior and attitude he's a nice guy when you get to know him. Jan has always been loyal to those who helped him in the past, his people, his bosses and of course his country itself. There's a real gentle heart buried deep inside of him, a side he expresses when he feels at ease with someone or something. But when peace is disturbed and safety is at stake, then Jan will certainly not hesitate to resolve the problem, in most cases with violence. He did have a knack for getting in fights.

He's smart, knowing his limits and when to retreat. He's a strong and dependable leader, mostly due to his Golden Age.

His temper sometimes tends to get to him on crucial moments, he'll miss details more easily and begins to relay on his gut and emotion rather than thinking. When this happens it can make work with him, or a mission, difficult to handle.

WWIII was terrible for the Dutch. They had moved to the far end of the country, fearing the water almost as much as the upcoming attacks. There had been a shelter built, close to Belgium's place, where the Dutch had escaped to. There weren't a lot of people to begin with, those who had been fighting barely survived, and those who stayed behind had to fear for the water taking away the land, leaving a small group behind who could spend their days in their fault. For the country of the Netherlands the amount of people saved was big. His people, well aware of his status, asked for him to join them underground where he spend countless of years passing on languages, preserving the culture and making sure everything inside was in shape and at peace.

Soon enough their supplies slowly ran out. Jan took this opportunity to venture outside of their safe zone, hoping to provide his people with not only food and water, but also information. Communication with other countries had been important to the old Dutch nation, there was always something you could get out of it. His need to make his people's life easier drove Jan to stay outside and keep traveling back and forth, being able to withstand most of the dangers that lurked around made this a perfect job for him.

Armed with his weapons he began to dedicate himself completely to his people, the need to keep them alive and wealthy is what drives him to keep going no matter what.

Additional Information:
I suppose I could define him as a Tsundere, like he was intended to be canon wise. He's just not the typical kind. And on a personal note of the player; I am Dutch myself, so I apologize is my sentence structure is a bit odd or my choice of words it weird.

RP Sample:
It felt as if time itself was standing still. Jan had dragged himself trough this wasteland for what seemed like forever, his shotgun at hand, just in case he needed to fire a shot. This was a hostile area after all, yet nothing had shown up, nothing at all. A soft breeze playfully threw up some dust, making it dance around the tall man's feet, dirtying the already stained boots even further. Dust and small pieces of garbage was all that moved aside from himself. How was this possible? Would he be ambushed soon?

There was nothing of value on the Dutchman that could be seen, safe the shotgun he held at hand. By now he figured the 'locals' of this area had realized as much, never having been able to detect the small valuable items he carried, seems that Jan was no stranger to this route and passed by fairly often when he headed for the southern parts of what once used to Europe. He furrowed his brow, groaning annoyed at the thought. One quick look around at these buildings and you knew the world had hit an all time low. The signs of mass destruction where everywhere, unable to be repaired.

No, it wasn't worth thinking about this, he had to focus on moving out of this place, before someone did get stupid enough to think about attacking him. The streets soon became more narrow, big chunks of stone and concrete caused this, making moving trough a lot more difficult. It was a perfect place to ambush someone, with the many gaps between the left over buildings and the street. There was probably some treasure hunting that could be done in this particular area as well, but that would ask for to much work.

To most this path would be a unpleasant sight, it used to be to Jan as well, the dangers were obvious ones. But now it posed less of a threat. Jan increased his grip on the shotgun, snapping back to full attention as soon he walked past the first gap. He was on his toes, as quiet and careful as could be. There were more blood stains around than he could recall. It seemed violence surely had increased.

Jan frowned, bitting his lower lip lightly out of habit. To know everyone had sank so low, and to know he was still walking trough what once used to be a part of his own country. These were his people for God's sake. And he couldn't help the ones left here without risking his own safety. There was a extremely bitter look on the man's face as he kept moving about, paying close attention to the footsteps behind him. He pretended not to hear, like he had been doing since he entered this area.

With care he climbed over a chunk of stone, crouching behind it as soon as he hit the ground. He shuffled back, placing himself away from the landing spot as he took aim.

Soon enough a second person appeared, there was a thud when the boots hit the floor followed by the sound of metal hitting the ground. Jan had successfully caught a stalking thief.

“You weren't stupid enough to target me, were you?”

(I hope you don't mind I went with my usual name for the Netherlands, seems everyone uses human names here.)

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Re: Jan - Netherlands

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Uwwaaahhh~ Welcome to the forum~ Great app!! Hope to see you in the wastes!
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