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Romano's App! (wippage)

Post  Lovino Vargas on Sun May 16, 2010 9:22 pm

Character's Name: Lovino (Romano) Vargas
Character's Age: 22
Gender: Male
Desired Faction: Mafia hitman
Character Description: Medium brown hair with a curl, very skinny, despite what he eats and tends to yell a lot.
Outfit/Weapons: Sub machine gun, wears a blue button up shirt and black pants. He lost his eye in the bombing, so he has an eyepatch.
Personality: Tsundere, just as he is in hetalia, but is a little bit more serious after what his country has been through.
Strengths: He will do anything to protect his brother, no matter the cost.
Weaknesses: He has no eye! So it’s a little hard for him to see his targets.
History: After Italy is bombed, Lovino is forced into taking up his old job in the Mafia in order to help restore the country, whose people have mostly moved underground out of fear of being bombed again. The mafia has also banded with the military, all fighting together against the enemies that bombed them. Romano is the name he goes by amongst his mafia family.
Additional Information: duuurrrrr nope.
RP Sample:
Lovi rolled on the floor, screaming and clutching his eye as his blood continued to spill into his hand. “DAMMIT! AUUGHH!” He cried and panted heavily, trying to find some way to stop the searing pain as well as the bleeding. It proved to be too much and he blacked out.
He opened his eyes, realizing he could only see through one, and glanced around the room. He was no longer in his house, nor was he at the hospital, but the place looked awfully familiar… and so did the person sitting on the chair next to his bed. “Welcome back…Romano.”

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