Toris Lorinaitis = Lithuania

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Toris Lorinaitis = Lithuania

Post  Toris on Fri May 14, 2010 3:14 pm

Character's Name: Toris Lorinaitis (Lithuania)

Character's Age: Looks 19

Gender: Male

Desired Faction: (Semi) Sheltered Vault Dweller

Character Description:

With his chin-length brown hair, petit frame, and large green eyes Toris could almost be called feminine. Despite hours in the sun Toris’ skin remains fair and his hair is still messy as ever even though he now wears it up almost constantly. Overall his appearance remains much the same.


Toris continues to wear his country’s military uniform, which hasn’t changed much over the years aside from a few tears and a bit of fading. He does his best to take care of it, sewing it up and adding patches when need be, he’d always been good a repairing clothing and never has it come in more handy. Toris only carries the standard pistol, a CZ 75, issued to the Lithuanian police as a weapon. He also totes a large beige duffel to store what he finds while he roams.


While very introverted and reserved, Toris has a remarkable sense of determination. He is patient and enduring in all things and can always manage a smile, which he tends to hide behind. Toris prefers to keep his pain hidden and would much rather help others than be helped. Toris is kind to everyone he meets, though he is usually intimidated by larger nations. He does have a habit of slipping up and making remarks that offend, though it is never his intent. Toris possesses a very nervous disposition as well and is constantly imagining the worst case scenario, to the point he gives himself stomach aches.

He would rather not fight, but if pushed he is an excellent tactician.

Strengths: His ability to cook, sew and repair, along with his kindness which allows him to make alliances.

Weaknesses: While his kindness is an asset, it is also a weakness as others often take advantage of him. He is physically weak as well.


Toris spent much of his time in a vault, only venturing out several months ago. Unfortunately many of the vaults set up in Lithuania malfunctioned, killing more than half of the already small population. Since leaving the vault Toris has been searching for his people, as well as other countries like Poland, Estonia, Latvia and even Russia. He worries for them and has collected a fair bit of medical supplies and food in case they are injured. He does his best to help anyone he comes across, whoever they may be.

So far he has avoided any skirmishes and has managed to eke out a fair existence in the barren Wastelands.

Additional Information:

RP Sample:

Toris hesitantly stepped out into the harsh sunlight, years of the artificial variety had taken their toll. Once his eyes adjusted he almost wished they hadn’t. He knew it would be bad, he knew that nothing could survive the nuclear bombs, but knowing it and seeing it were radically different.

He wrapped an arm around his midsection. Gone. Everything. Buildings leveled, save a few, not a tree to be seen for miles. The brunette’s eyes widened as he tried to take everything in. Good God. Why? What had been worth this destruction? Toris had done his best to stay out of WW3, but it would seem he hadn’t managed to do so. Soundlessly he sank to his knees, not caring about the dirt that stained the green fabric.

“Why?” He asked the still air, “Why did so many have to die?”

A new wave of nausea hit him. He could hardly comprehend the death toll, not just his country but around the world. He pushed himself up, mentally scolding himself. Now wasn’t the time to weep. He needed to rebuild. Help his people, find the other countries. He needed to act.

He may have stayed out of the war but he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to help fix things.

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Re: Toris Lorinaitis = Lithuania

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Fri May 14, 2010 9:42 pm

Apsolutely approved!

welcome to the wastes young Toris!
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