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Alfred F. Jones

Post  Alfred on Sun May 09, 2010 6:29 am

Character's Name: Alfred F.(Freedom~) Jones!
Character's Age: 19
Gender: Male

Desired Faction: I guess he's a wastelander if anything. He has his own little group in his head though, a group only for the 'Heroes' of the wasteland.

Character Description: Alfred is about average height. His hair is blond, and his eyes blue. He wears some raider armor under his bomber jacket, which has been modified to have no spikes. As for his jacket, it's seen better times. It has some holes in it, some of the leather wore down, but he's done everything in his power to protect the '50' his back, to make sure at least that is not forgotten. He also wears an old confederate hat he found around the wastes. It's a reminder of bad times, but at the same time, in this time, it's also a reminder of good times. He likes to carry some sunglasses, and goggles with him. In case he ever needs them.

Outfit/Weapons: Alfred carries a shotgun at his side. It's a little bit bulkier than he'd like, but it makes for a good weapon and keeps the monsters at bay. Especially the ones from the old scary movies he used to watch, 'have to use a shot gun, and you have to shoot them in the head' is an old quote he remembers and shoots by. Also carries a tool kit, some food, bottles of nuka-cola, and some stimpaks.

Personality: He is a very optimistic and goofy person. He can be very serious when he needs to be though, just not often. He likes to help out anyone in need, even if it means giving them his last bit of food, water, or even ammunition. He still thinks he is everyone's hero, and tries to back it up by acting like it.

Strengths: His brute strength is one, his aim isn't shabby either. His mindset of never giving up, because that's what heroes don't do, is another.

Weaknesses: His history is a weakness, if someone calls him on it he will have a break down proclaiming that he is still a hero, regardless that he couldn't help them. His mindset, though also a strength, can be a weakness at times getting him more hurt than he should. Seeing people in danger, or seeing slaves is another, he can't help himself trying to help them.

History: Alfred had gotten news of the bombs about the time that everyone else did. He wanted to stay and watch them, to make sure his people had fully evacuated safely to a vault. But his boss had refused, and ordered him to stay in a vault.

Alfred watched on the sad day when the door to his vault slid shut and locked. He locked himself away in his room for weeks, crying as he began to hear the bombs drop above them. Not being the hero he was meant to be, to help and protect all of his people. Not just the couple hundreds in this one vault. After that, he hurt for months as his body adjusted to what had happened, which only hurt him more mentally, since he knew that with this pain and change that not all of his people were saved.

Finally over time, he began to grow back to his brighter, happier self. And soon after that, they were released from the vault. Alfred was one of the first out, he was so excited to see the outside again, he missed the green grass and the blue sky and most of all the rest of his people.

But when he got outside, what Alfred saw hit him like a brick wall. There was none of that. Nothing was colorful anymore, unless you counted the horrible yellow-brown color that was every where, even the sky was the same color. The trees were no longer what he remembered either, just shriveled black husks of what they were.

Alfred kept up his little bit of hope still, that the rest of his people were okay, and that he could go back to being their hero again. What he found first wasn't the best thing though, a random group of wastelanders complaining about the horrible life in the wastes. They called him a vault-newb and apparently didn't recognize him at all. He tried to explain who he was, and to remind them that he was their hero, doing his pose and all.
What he got in return wasn't what he wanted, just some grunts and a mock from a man, 'Ain't no heroes in this land anymore. This is flat out hell.' Alfred tried to talk to them more about it, to reason with them that it can't be that bad, but failed.
'Here you go,' the man said as he handed him the shot gun, 'how about you take this thing, and go out into this oh so wonderful place, and prove to me that heroes still exist, eh?'

And so he did. He took the gun, and what little ammo they gave him and started out into the wastes to find more, maybe nicer, people. So he made it his mission from then on, to prove to that man and to anyone else that there are still hero in the world, and there is still good in his land.

Additional Information: Not sure what else to put here that I haven't already mentioned~ Other than the food thing. I'd say he did have another break down when he realized burgers were no more, but slowly began to replace them with Nuka-cola and Salisbury steak. Though he likes other things too, like sugar bombs or mac and cheese. He won't turn down most foods offered to him actually. Even from the nice hunters who run around the wastes, even though sometimes he has to shoot at them for shooting at innocent wastelanders.

RP Sample: "Ah!" Alfred yelled and ducked behind the nearest rock. He had spotted a couple of raiders who had captured an innocent wastelander and were attempting to take the the man's supplies.

He began to sneak up behind them, as quietly as he could. Raising his shot gun, he knocked one over the head, letting them fall unconsciously onto the ground. The other raider, alerted now pulled out his gun and aimed at Alfred.

"Hey, hey! You don't want to shoot me. I don't want to shoot back, but I will man," he said drawing his shot gun and aiming at the man's leg.

The raider scoffed and fired, hitting Alfred's shoulder. "Gah! Ouch!" he yelled, looking down to see a new hole in his jacket. Glaring back at the man, "Alright that's it, three strikes. One for that stupid looking hat, two for being mean to that guy, and three for ruining more of my jacket!" he growled and fired his gun, shooting the man's leg.

As he hit the ground and rolled in pain, Alfred helped the innocent wastelander out of his binds. "T-Thank you sir! I thought they were going to kill me!" the wastelander said.

"Not a problem~ All in a days work for a hero!" he laughed.

"Yes! A hero..oh thank god, I haven't seen one in forever. But you! You are truly my savior. Here, I can't spare much but here are some supplies for you," the wastelander said, trying to hand over some stimpaks to Alfred.

Alfred pushed the man's hands back, "No, you keep them. You need them much more than me. I saved you and that's good enough~! Just tell everyone that Alfred F. Jones is your hero okay?"

The wastelander thanked him and ran off back into the wastes.
Alfred waved good bye to him and turned back to the raider who was still on the ground, "Not what to do with you?" he asked himself frowning.

(I hope I covered everything right! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! -pose- )


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Re: Alfred F. Jones

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Sun May 09, 2010 12:20 pm

Yes I did!! :'D although here there's no such thing as 'nuka cola' it will just be regular cola lol. Okay? c:

*stamp of approval*

welcome to the wastes hero!! :333
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