How it became to be...

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How it became to be...

Post  Feliciano Vargas on Tue May 04, 2010 1:44 am

☣ Radioactive Memories ☣

The date was 2030, and WW3 has made a wasteland of the world.
The countries who knew about the impending doom, retreated to fallout shelters. All of them, trying to save as many of they're people as they can. However, the world as they knew it was turned to a decaying land of waste and radioactivity.

Skip ahead almost two hundred years, to 4034, and some of the countries are to make they're first trip back out into the world, to re build they're civilization. It wont be easy however. Raiders and mutants and bad things live in the wastes, and made it they're home. few small cities scatter around, for the few survivors who were unlikely to be inside a fallout shelter.

Its up to you, to re build what was destroyed. Your country is now new again, as "Neu ______" and must do whats right for your neu country. Wether you were too unfortunate to be safe in a fallout shelter, or you escaped many years ago to find food and necessities, or you decided that it would be best to protect what was left of the human race, or to destroy it. Its all up to you in this adventure! So, may your courage shine through as you travel in this world~ have fun~
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